Melbourne’s Trusted Forklift Repairs for Electric, Gas & More

High-end equipment such as this needs to be cared for by the professionals, and if you’ve been looking for a reputable source of repairs, you’re in the right place. Flexilift is a specialist in forklift repair services and spare parts in Melbourne at our Dandenong base, as well as through a fleet of mobile repair vans. Flexilift also offers regular forklift fleet management services to citywide and regional Victorian businesses to ensure your machinery operates efficiently for the longest possible period. Our technicians provide full technical service reports with every repair or maintenance visit conducted.

Mobile conventional fuel & electric forklift repairs in Melbourne

Flexilift offers a fleet of mobile forklift repairs vans in Melbourne that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week for maximum convenience to our customers. Our technicians are trained and experienced in all conventional fuel and electric models, carrying common forklift spare parts in their van. We also remove all waste material from the site upon completion of service. Larger and heavier items such as tires or batteries may incur additional charges.

Preventative forklift maintenance services

For businesses with forklifts in regular use, Fliexlift offers a fleet management and preventative maintenance service to keep equipment reliable and in good running order. We recommend a regular service every three months or 200 operating hours be observed to keep on top of mechanical wear and tear. Our mobile technicians carry a range of commonly used spare parts needed for conventional fuel as well as electric forklift repairs, and are all highly experienced mechanics so most issues can be solved on the spot. For larger services, vehicles will be taken to our main site for intensive repairs.

Contact our Melbourne office to learn more about how we can assist

For more information on Flexilift services, new and used machines for sale, or to arrange repairs on your machinery, please ring us on 1300 55 22 87 or contact us online.