Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Forklift Maintenance

Flexilift Australia has established “Preventative Forklift Maintenance” agreements for customers who wish to keep their forklifts well maintained.

We will closely monitor your equipment so as to ensure correct service intervals are maintained. The normal service intervals are 3 months or 200 hours of operation.

Under the provisions of the service agreement you are offered a fixed price periodic service at the intervals provided in the preventative forklift maintenance schedule.

Flexilift Australia has a responsibility to the environment and therefore disposes of all waste in accordance with environmental laws. All waste material is removed from the site on completion of work. In case of larger items such as forklift traction batteries and forklift tyres, there maybe an additional charge.

Flexilift Australia will provide qualified technicians who are available to perform most works on site. In the event a repair cannot be completed on your site Flexilift provide a fully equipped workshop to complete such repairs.

In the event you require additional equipment due to breakdown or to support a busy period of operation in your business, Flexilift Australia has an extensive range of hire equipment on offer.

Forklift Spare Parts

Flexilift Australia carries most commonly used forklift spare parts to perform normal servicing of your equipment. However it is impossible to carry parts for every repair over and above the standard service. Where we are performing an on-site forklift service, the technician will always carry the forklift spare parts required for the service of your equipment.

Forklifts – Technical Information

Our service department has an extensive library of technical information relating to most makes and models of forklift equipment to provide the best technical service to our customers hence our ability to perform work not only on our own equipment, but also on that of other manufacturers.