Hyundai Forklift Equipment

Hyundai IC and Electric forklift trucks provide superior quality and comfort. Safety and high durability being the priority in the equipment design. With over 70 models of Hyundai Forklifts in production ranging from 1.5 ton up to 16 ton Flexilift can offer customers a much greater range of material handling equipment to suit almost any warehouse application than ever before.

Hyundai Electric Forklift Trucks

Environmentally friendly, the non pollutant and low noise Hyundai Electric forklifts offer improved energy efficiency and excellent viability to any workplace.

The efficient and ergonomic design of the AC control BT series has a multitude of safety features including:

  • Anti roll back system
  • Increased mast tilting angle
  • High visibility for safe operation
  • Self Diagnostic LCD Monitor providing information for system faults, battery level, operation errors
  • Hi Tech Zapi Controller providing low & high voltage overheating and fault recording
  • Duel Rear Tyres providing better stability and control during lifting
  • Adjustable Suspension Seat for greater comfort and safety

Hyundai LPG Forklift Trucks

The Hyundai LPG series forklifts advanced fuel induction technology saves on fuel consumption reducing harmful emissions. With lower levels of emissions and pollution, LPG operated forklifts are safe for your employees and the environment.

Features and benefits of the Hyundai LPG Forklift include:

  • Wet disc brake system to improve brake performance , lasting 5 times longer than conventional braking systems
  • Full Hydrostatic power steering preventing overrun and kickback
  • Full floating headguard mount reducing operator fatigue and increasing operators safety
  • Highly durable powershift transmission providing quiet operation under heavy load conditions
  • Operator friendly gauges and water resistant monitor panel

Hyundai Diesel Forklift Trucks

Hyundai Diesel Forklifts provide a quality, economic performance and efficiency for your material handling requirements whether it be indoors or out. The Hyundai Diesel Powered Internal Combustion forklift is manufactured up to 16 ton, operates brilliantly in warmer tropical climates, are non explosive ensuring maximum safety for flameproof chemical plant and mining operations.

Features and benefits of the Hyundai Diesel Forklift include:

  • Aluminum Radiator for superb heat protection
  • Key locking fuel cap
  • Increased capacity fuel tank for less down time
  • Highly visible brake fluid reservoir for quicker daily inspections
  • Electronic Monitored Air Filter alerting the operator before damage occurs
  • Heavy duty single unit frame guaranteeing durability and safety
  • Strong overhead guard protecting the operator during hazardous tasks