OH&S Policy

Occupational health and safety looking after our people

Flexilift Australia is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, contractors and visitors.

We understand that the provision of forklift sales, forklift rental and forklift attachments and spare parts does come with some inherent risks. As such, we believe that it is important to implement a thorough OH&S policy. Specifically, the purpose of the policy is to ensure that:

  • All employees are provided with a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Managers and supervisors recognise the responsibilities they have for the safety, health and welfare of the employees they supervise.
  • Employees understand their OHS obligations to the company and their fellow employees.

This policy applies to all employees, contractors and visitors of Flexilift Australia, across all areas of business, including forklift sales, forklift rental and forklift spare parts and attachments.

In the application of this policy, Flexilift Australia will:-

  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy work areas, safe systems of work, safe plant and equipment through the identification of workplace hazards.
  • Seek continuous improvement in health and safety performance through ongoing monitoring, auditing and review of its health and safety management systems.
  • Comply with all legislative requirements including regulations, standards and codes of practice and where appropriate legislative requirements do not exist, implement standards that reflect the company‚Äôs commitment to health and safety.
  • Put in place appropriate consultative mechanisms to involve employees in the implementation of health and safety.
  • Provide appropriate and adequate supervision.
  • Provide appropriate information, instruction and training to employees so that they are able to carry out their work safely and in a manner consistent with the company’s standard
  • Ensure all employees, contractors and visitors are informed and understand their obligations in respect of this policy.

All managers and supervisors are responsible and accountable for the working conditions under their control, ensuring safety procedures are in place and observed and for implementing the necessary systems to allow the safe performance of work.

All employees are expected to follow safe work practices, observe company safety rules and procedures and report workplace hazards, incidents and near misses to their supervisors.

Employees are to work in a manner that controls the risk of injury to themselves, fellow employees and customers.